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What’s Happening at MakeWay

Moving toward a regenerative economy

Pacific Program Lead Kim Hardy works with funders, changemakers, and innovators to amplify community driven solutions across British Columbia. Currently, Kim is a Fellow at Integrated Capital Institute, hosted by RSF Social Finance, where financial activists are leveraging capital as a tool for positive change.

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Reflections from the Arctic: On the importance of Inuit-led land and water monitoring programs

For some, the Arctic is considered the final frontier. It’s a place filled with mystery and promise of more resources to extract and sell. For those of us who live here, our lands and waters are an extension of our family. We are in close relationships with the beings that inhabit this place, we interact and learn from our environment daily. It has been this way for countless generations, but external pressures are impacting the pristine quality of our land and water.

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Vision, partnership, and perseverance: new conservancy protects sacred Tahltan land in northwest B.C.

A new conservancy will protect sacred Tahltan land adjacent to Mt Edziza Provincial Park. The strong vision and perseverance of the Tahltan people over the last 20 years has resulted in the agreement with governments and environmental organizations to buy out mineral tenures and protect the 3,500 hectares in Northwest British Columbia.

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MakeWay launches 2020 Year in Review

The MakeWay 2020 Year in Review is now live! This year marks our 20th anniversary as an organization, and our first as MakeWay. In this Year in Review, we highlight inspiring community stories from coast to coast to coast, share the biggest lessons we learned through Covid-19 and the racial justice movement, and review our financials.

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Do you envision a world where nature and communities thrive together? We do. Join us as we back transformational ideas and help local leaders achieve their goals.