Coordinator, Community Programs – Binners’ Project

Binners’ Project, a project on MakeWay’s shared platform, is a fast-growing, innovative project. Through our programs, which run out of the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver, we provide income opportunities and build community, capacity, and inclusion for binners (also known as waste-pickers or bottle collectors) while also contributing to the sustainability and waste-reduction efforts in our city. Binners’ Project is a charitable initiative with social enterprise programs that provides low-barrier employment and capacity building to over 150 marginalized individuals.

Binner’s Project’s social enterprise programs have the triple benefit of community economic development, waste diversion, and social inclusion. Our social enterprise work compliments and strengthens our programs that aim to destigmatize and legitimize the work of binners at the community and policy levels.

Hiring of this role is taking place while looking ahead to a post-COVID world, where Binners’ Project will be undergoing significant recovery and rebuilding. A three-year strategic plan has recently been completed with a binner-first approach, and outlines an ambitious recovery of our social enterprise and charitable programs.

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