Manager, Community-Wide Strategies – East Scarborough Storefront

The Storefront has deep roots in the Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park community of East Scarborough. For the past 20 years The Storefront has been working with grassroots leaders, organizations and institutions to find new ways to strengthen the community’s social fabric to improve social, economic and environmental conditions for the residents who live in East Scarborough’s inner-suburban communities. The Storefront is a project on MakeWay’s shared platform.

MakeWay believes in a world where everyone is living in a stable climate and is treated fairly and equally. Where people feel secure and part of a community. Ecosystems are in balance, and waters are clean. When our environment is healthy, economies and communities can thrive. This is the world we work toward. We do it with collaboration and creativity, with changemakers, funders, community organizations and investors from coast to coast to coast.

The Storefront is seeking a Manager of Community Wide strategies. This role is designed to foster relationships and strategic networks that strengthen the capacity of the East Scarborough ecosystem to support community social, economic and environmental aspirations.

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Toronto, ON
Apply by August 3rd