Emergent Initiatives

Innovative approaches and partnerships for community-led and systems changes.

Working with partners to co-create, test, and amplify ways to advance environmental, social, and economic justice.

Current emergent initiatives at MakeWay include:

Building momentum for a national coalition against environmental racism, public policy dialogue, and mobilizing funds to address the fact that across Canada, communities of colour are far more likely to experience the health impact of toxic dumps, polluting industries, tainted water, and climate change.

Space must be created for womxn to nurture processes that are care based, healing-centered, and built upon the understanding of how to strategically shift systems for long-lasting change. At the intersection of feminism and environmental justice, this Collective supports and connects women-identified and gender diverse changemakers to advance innovative climate solutions.

While philanthropy has contributed a great deal to supporting systems and policy approaches to the climate crisis, there is an unrealized opportunity for philanthropy to invest more in behaviour change initiatives that play a vital role in the social transformation needed to tackle the biggest threat of our time.

Community-advised, flexible funds quickly directing capital into the hands of remote community partners and changemakers best positioned to lead local responses to the threats of the ongoing global pandemic.

A group of projects housed on the MakeWay shared platform working to connect the place-based solutions, policy responses, and community engagement required to achieve the ambitious goal of all waters in Canada in good health by 2030.

As a public foundation, funding partners for this early-stage work are essential to get from vision to impact. Learn more:

Leanne Burton
Director, Partnership Development