What’s Happening at MakeWay

A phone call I’ll never forget: MakeWay receives transformative gift from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott

I’m thrilled to share the exciting news that MakeWay is about to receive a transformative gift of USD 15million from MacKenzie Scott.  We have a deep responsibility to steward these funds in a good way to advance community-led transformation—while also leveraging this gift to create even greater positive impact.  

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MakeWay Strategy 2022 – 2025

Check out our brand new Strategy! We head into the next three years with a clear sense of our unique role: to apply all our tools and resources in support of community-led transformation. Knowing that change is inevitable, this strategy is our North Star to help guide us toward the impact we hope to achieve.

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New funding from B.C. a strong step towards a sustainable legacy for watershed health

The Province of BC announced it will provide $30 million for partnerships that empower local leaders to secure a sustainable future for their watersheds and the communities that depend on them. MakeWay and shared platform project, Watersheds BC will steward $15 million to support Indigenous-led projects for watershed health.

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Engaging mental health in on the land programs: How Supporting Wellbeing answered a need in their community

Supporting Wellbeing is a training program that better prepares land-based leaders to mitigate and respond to mental health challenges on the land. This training is for Northern people who have some level of experience in planning and delivering on the land programs, but who have little-to-no formal education in mental health service provision.

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