Tides Canada is
now MakeWay
Let’s make way for nature and
communities thriving together.
Let’s make way for
the momentum of change.
Let’s make way for
community-led solutions.
Let's make way for
partnerships to amplify impact.
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Do you envision a world where nature and communities thrive together? We do. Join us as we back transformational ideas and help local leaders achieve their goals.

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Indigenous Response in the Canadian Arctic: Investing in culture and communities

Across the globe, we have all been forced to make changes in our lives, to pause and reflect. Many plagues have passed the earth, yet the COVID-19 pandemic is the first experienced by our generation, on such a grand scale. For inhabitants of the Canadian arctic, the health crisis has also created ec

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Photo of Geraldine Cahill
UpSocial Canada’s Geraldine Cahill talks jumping in while locking down

Remember March 1, 2020? The world felt very different then. On that day, we officially launched our UpSocial Canada Caring Communities Challenge, extending an invitation to Toronto-based community organizations to join us in exploring how we might collectively look after each other better in the pla

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Tides Canada is now MakeWay!

Today, we announce that Tides Canada has changed its name to MakeWay. A quiet leader in environmental and social justice philanthropy in Canada for the last 20 years, the new MakeWay name reflects the momentum of change that this organization stands for.

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This year, Jane’s Walk Toronto goes virtual

As we adjust to the “new normal” that is the COVID-19 pandemic, we are starting to take note of how unique each community’s needs are in response to the effects of physical distancing, health care system strains, and closures of important services.

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