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What’s Happening at MakeWay

MakeWay publishes report on Indigenous Conservation Agreements, hosts webinar

A new report on Indigenous Conservation Agreements from MakeWay and The Firelight Group – available in English and Inuktitut – scans six conservation agreements to identify best practices, challenges, and implications for the future. A webinar was held on May 11th with Steven Nitah, Shanna MacDonald, and Kunuk Inutiq to discuss: the recording can be found on this page.

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Tanya Talaga’s debut film Spirit to Soar explores racism in Thunder Bay

Award-winning investigative journalist Tanya Talaga co-directs a remarkable documentary Spirit to Soar on world premiere at Hot Docs, and opens Mashkawi-manidoo bimaadiziwin – Spirit to Soar Fund at MakeWay, to support local Indigenous youth living in and around Thunder Bay.

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A baseline on racial justice: where we’re at and where we’re headed

In June 2020, during the mass mobilizations around the world in defense of Black lives and urgent calls for racial justice, MakeWay staff came together at all levels to better understand our role and how we could do better.  We’re laying out where we are now, and pointing to where we hope to get to in the coming months and years. We also want to benchmark ourselves against our starting point and with others across the charitable sector.

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Advancing equitable access to birthing supports: advocates launch Northern Birthwork Collective

In Yellowknife, the Northern Birthwork Collective is bringing culturally safe and equitable birthing access to all expecting parents. “We’re not reinventing the wheel,” says Sabrina Flack, co-founder. “There are some amazing doula collectives across Canada. But we are bringing something new to the Northwest Territories at a time when it’s sorely needed.”

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