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Let’s make way for nature and
communities thriving together.
Let’s make way for
the momentum of change.
Let’s make way for
community-led solutions.
Let's make way for
partnerships to amplify impact.
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Do you envision a world where nature and communities thrive together? We do. Join us as we back transformational ideas and help local leaders achieve their goals.

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Shared platform project spotlight: Project Neutral

Many grassroots and community-based initiatives struggle to drive real-world change while managing the demands of a stand alone charity. And so, MakeWay launched the shared platform model in Canada, one of the first of its kind. It takes a lot of hard work to create positive and lasting change. The

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Nicole McDonald joins MakeWay as Director of National Programming and first Indigenous Director

September 16, 2020 For Immediate Release Algonquin Anishinabe Nation / Ottawa, ON –Nicole McDonald will lead MakeWay’s national program strategy, connecting efforts across existing MakeWay programs in the Pacific, the North, and Manitoba, and pursuing emerging opportunities for MakeWay to build part

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Building trust, growing together: an update from UpSocial Canada

Earlier this summer, we heard from Geraldine Cahill, Director of UpSocial Canada, about the initiative’s work to collectively look after Toronto-based community organizations, and how that work has been shaped by COVID-19. As mid-September looms around the corner, she gives us an update on where UpS

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Indigenous Response in the Canadian Arctic: Investing in culture and communities

Across the globe, we have all been forced to make changes in our lives, to pause and reflect. Many plagues have passed the earth, yet the COVID-19 pandemic is the first experienced by our generation, on such a grand scale. For inhabitants of the Canadian arctic, the health crisis has also created ec

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