What’s Happening at MakeWay

MakeWay Strategy 2022 – 2025

Check out our brand new Strategy! We head into the next three years with a clear sense of our unique role: to apply all our tools and resources in support of community-led transformation. Knowing that change is inevitable, this strategy is our North Star to help guide us toward the impact we hope to achieve.

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Building community-led networks of support with the people of East Scarborough: Meet East Scarborough Storefront

Since 2001, East Scarborough Storefront has used the power of collaboration to support people and build community in East Scarborough. We sat down with them to hear more of their story and learn what’s on the horizon for the project.

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Clearing the path to ‘right relations’

This article was originally written by Amy Romer for The Philanthropist Journal. After a decade of baby steps towards correcting power in conventional philanthropy, the Right Relations Collaborative is a leap forward.

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MakeWay’s 2022 Year in Review

The stories in our 2022 Year in Review truly speak to the power of community support and community-led change. Take a glimpse into the many inspiring partnerships and transformations happening around us every single day.

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Do you envision a world where nature and communities thrive together? We do. Join us as we back transformational ideas and help local leaders achieve their goals.