Tides Canada is
now MakeWay
Let’s make way for nature and
communities thriving together.
Let’s make way for
the momentum of change.
Let’s make way for
community-led solutions.
Let's make way for
partnerships to amplify impact.
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Do you envision a world where nature and communities thrive together? We do. Join us as we back transformational ideas and help local leaders achieve their goals.

News & Views

Moving toward a regenerative economy: MakeWay team member Kim Hardy joins Integrated Capital Institute as a Fellow

Kim Hardy is Pacific Program Lead at MakeWay  – she works with funders, changemakers, and innovators to amplify community driven solutions across British Columbia. Currently, Kim is a Fellow at Integrated Capital Institute, hosted by RSF Social Finance, where financial activists are leveraging capit

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MakeWay shared platform projects are building a Just Recovery for all

When the onset of the global pandemic forced us to pause, deep inequalities in Canada and around the world were exposed. In the face of Covid-19, it is impossible to ignore longstanding systemic injustices. 73% of Canadians expect a “broad transformation” of society as we emerge from the pandemic.

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MakeWay launches 2020 Year in Review

The MakeWay 2020 Year in Review is now live! This year marks our 20th anniversary as an organization, and our first as MakeWay.

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Reframing social innovation through original ways of knowing and being: spotlight on Turtle Island Institute

At MakeWay, our shared platform is home to over 60 projects based from coast to coast to coast. Initiatives benefit from the support of a mission-aligned community, charitable expertise, and shared resources, so they can focus on the work closest to their heart. Over the last few months, we’ve been

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