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Building Momentum for Change: 2021 Year in Review
How are Inuit hunters, birthworkers, and urban neighbours making way for a world where nature & communities thrive together? Read their stories & more now in MakeWay’s 2021 Year in Review! Full of incredible stories of community-led change.
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A Council of Indigenous Aunties is shifting the power of conventional philanthropy. Here’s how.

The Right Relations Collaborative seeks to shift the power dynamics of conventional philanthropy by inviting funders to the table set by the Indigenous Council of Aunties to be in right relationship.

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Community-led hunter/harvester programs are a food sovereignty solution in Nunavut

The role of the hunter in Inuit culture expands beyond providing food: they contribute to family, community, the maintenance of traditions, language, skills, and knowledge. The newly released Hunter/Harvester/Guardian Evaluation Toolkit provides a flexible framework for hunters and communities to articulate needs and outcomes, and share that knowledge with one another.

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How Gitanyow is asserting their vision for their land with a new Indigenous Protected Area

When the Gitanyow First Nation realized a large abundance of salmon were spawning in an area under threat, they took matters into their own hands, and into their own laws.

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