What’s Happening at MakeWay

How Hinaani Design helped tell the story of MakeWay’s Northern Program

When MakeWay set out to design a booklet to tell the story of our Northern Program, we asked Nooks Lindell to help us come up with a truly northern resource for a northern audience. The results showcase how MakeWay supports northern solutions by northern people.

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Building community resilience to extreme weather in Toronto

Shared platform project Community Resilience to Extreme Weather (CREW) is taking an innovative, grassroots approach to preparing for the effects of climate change in urban environments.

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Canada still does not have a National Water Strategy! 7 reasons why now is the time

A new way of thinking about how we govern water in Canada is possible: a collaborative model with collaborative leadership at federal, provincial, municipal, and Indigenous governance levels, to ensure protection from the threat of pollution, overuse, and the climate crisis.

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Braiding knowledge to protect Átl’ḵa7tsem: Howe Sound Marine Reference Guide launches on World Ocean Day

With four First Nations, nine local governments, and several other stakeholders in the area, there were already several maps of various parts of Howe Sound, although no one single resource covering the whole of the biosphere. Shared platform project Howe Sound/Átl’ḵa7tsem Marine Reference Guide set out to change that.

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