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Tides Canada responds to misinformation regarding the Coastal Gaslink and Wet’suwet’en situation

Tides Canada shares the serious concern of many Canadians around the suffering being experienced by communities due to the conflict of the Coastal Gaslink pipeline on Wet’suwet’en territories.

Yes, Tides Canada has made charitable donations over the years to support Wet’suwet’en environmental and cultural stewardship, including fish tagging and cultural programs. This information has always been publicly available in our online annual reports, and charitable filings. We are proud of these contributions.

No, Tides Canada is not funding the protests or blockades responding to the Coastal Gaslink pipeline. In fact, Tides Canada never funds direct action, we fund only compliant charitable activities, as  governed and laid out by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). And, to avoid contributing to further divisions within the community, we are not funding any side of the current pipeline dispute.

The events of recent days are further evidence of our problematic colonial legacy. By pushing forward with development while neglecting to prioritize the deep governance-revitalization work required in reconciliation, an apparent no-win situation has been created.

We must invest the time, space, and resources to support self-determined Indigenous governance systems.


Alison Henning
(236) 317-2778