Community-led change. Global impact.

Integrated programs connect communities with two decades of expertise, tools and strategic partnerships to tackle critical challenges.

About integrated programs

Climate disruption, social injustices, Indigenous cultural and language resurgence, and economic turbulence. These are real problems that call for an all-in approach.

Integrated programs bring together all MakeWay solutions within a key issue area or geography. With a common focus, communities build innovative solutions that are powerful and lasting.



Lasting solutions are best understood and led by the people who are closest to the challenges. Integrated programs connect people, grow solutions, and back shared goals.

The North

In vast land and remote communities of the North, strength, and resilience find their way. Northerners are facing challenges, but rising above and building a brighter future that’s connected to the land, wildlife, and vibrant cultures.

The Pacific

In the rich biodiversity of the pacific region, innovation and conservation find their way. Indigenous communities are growing vibrant economies that respect the environment and strengthen their cultures.


A unique network. A unique approach. With a shared vision for lasting change, together with our partners, we amplify and accelerate positive impact.

With a robust swiss army knife of in-house expertise, we provide many solutions to our partners: Shared charitable administration. Impact investment. Collaborative funding. Strategic grant-making. Donor advised funds. Advisory services. All under one roof.


Changemakers come in all forms; from social change leaders to grassroots initiatives, social entrepreneurs, and Indigenous communities. MakeWay partners with leaders who are on the ground, moving from vision to impact. Sometimes, we dot the i’s and cross the t’s so changemakers are free to focus on their mission. Other times, we provide funding so initiatives can accelerate their impact. There are so many different ways we offer support to changemakers.


MakeWay partners with philanthropists who are looking to activate their wealth further to enable nature and communities to thrive. We help them discover and define a strategy that matches their values with impact in the world. We also provide philanthropists with custom solutions ranging from advisory services to program design and delivery.


Whether a small family foundation or an established institution, our foundation partners aspire to make a lasting impact in a defined geography or issue area. MakeWay offers expertise and deep relationships with communities and local leaders across geographies to help them participate in their philanthropy in new ways. We also provide foundations with custom solutions ranging from advisory services to program design, delivery, and impact measurement.

Financial Advisors

MakeWay works with financial advisors to help their clients make philanthropic investments that align with their unique values. We also provide custom solutions ranging from impact investment to grant management.

To learn more, contact:

Leanne Burton
Director, Partnership Development